We’re looking for a Cheminformatician / Computational chemist

See All Jobs | March 31 2024 | Expires May 31 2024

Vancouver, Bc (Or Remote) / 2+ Yrs Experience / Full Time

Variational AI is redefining the unit economics of drug discovery. We are pushing the state-of-the-art in machine learning, integrated with chemistry and pharmacology expertise, to radically accelerate the development of promising drug candidates. Our small team of machine learning researchers and chemists is changing the massive pharmaceutical industry for the better.

We are looking for experienced cheminformaticians to join the team and make an impact. You will help us to develop and apply molecular docking, molecular dynamics, and binding free energy calculation methods; build QSAR models; construct datasets from commercial and public sources; and evaluate ML-optimized molecules from a medicinal chemistry perspective. You will also help us more effectively incorporate pharmacological knowledge and intuition into our proprietary machine learning architecture. No knowledge of machine learning is required for this role, but you should possess a strong interest in learning about this promising technology, coupled with hands-on drug discovery experience.

We are an equal opportunity employer and enthusiastically welcome applications from women, BIPOC, and members of underrepresented communities and groups. Compensation is a competitive mix of cash and options. We prioritize expertise and passion over where you decide to live and work. Please send resumes/CVs to info@variational.ai.