Our Approach

Chemical space is where drugs come from. It is a massive set of 1060 organic molecules that could become drugs, and we’ve effectively searched 0% of it.

At Variational AI we are guided by trying to answer the question: how many life-saving blockbuster drugs exist in chemical space just waiting to be discovered?

But finding the right molecules that could become drugs is impossible using the screening and brute-force methods the drug industry uses today. Chemical space is simply too vast. Our answer is to leverage a powerful new form of machine learning known as generative AI to free us from reliance on screening and libraries, both experimental and virtual, to generate de novo molecules with all the optimized properties to discover efficacious, safe, and synthesizable small molecule therapeutics in a fraction of the time and cost as the status quo.

Our answer is not screen molecules, but to create them. We have built a platform to do this called Enki, and we are starting with oncology.